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Employee Retention Tax Credits As A Form of COVID Relief, by Nonprofit Utopia

Employee Retention Tax Credits As A Form of COVID Relief is FREE courtesy of Nonprofit Utopia

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By now, most of us are quite familiar with the PPP and EIDL programs and how beneficial they have been for nonprofits and small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. What we don’t talk about so much are the ways tax credits may be used as a tool to leverage these programs. In some cases, these tax credit programs could make the difference in retaining employees, or even keeping your organization’s doors open.

Chitra Aiyar, Founder, Nonprofit COVIDRelief.Net and self-described “PPP whisperer”, will share insights on how nonprofits, can take advantage of the Employee Tax Retention Credit program to get up to $33,000 per employee under the American Rescue Plan. She will also talk about ways to prepare for potential audits and the roles and responsibilities of board members in fulfilling payroll tax obligations.

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