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Equal Pay Laws and the Gender Pay Gap, by Lorman

Equal Pay Laws and the Gender Pay Gap is brought to you by Lorman

Make sure you are in compliance with gender pay gap laws.

Every state has a statute that says employers can’t discriminate against women as it relates to their pay. This raises many issues in an area where most employers choose to retain a great deal of discretion when it comes to setting starting wages and future compensation increases. This very discretion could put an employer at risk under the gender pay gap laws. This program explains what in a typical law aimed at mandating equal pay in a gender pay gap law. Understanding the history behind such laws is necessary as it explains why so many legislatures are tackling gender pay gap laws in their own states. The mandates of the law are much more than just paying women the same as men and involve closely looking at all pay practices and determining who is performing comparable or similar work at your company. This information will allow you to review your pay practices and determine what changes are necessary to get in front of these types of laws that may be passed by your state in the future.

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