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Excel Speed Tips

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1 Lesson / $55 / 2 CPE hours

Topics Covered

  • How to use the Slicer feature to streamline data analysis within tables and pivot tables.
  • Techniques that automatically provide fallback positions in the event you need to see an earlier version of your spreadsheet
  • Navigate large workbooks with ease by way of a hidden menu as well as keyboard shortcuts
  • Avoid disabled features by converting Excel 97—2003 files to modern workbook formats with ease
  • Use the Table feature in Excel 2007 and later to create charts that expand or contract automatically as your source data changes
  • Launch macros that clean up pivot tables with a single mouse click
  • How the Table feature allows you to transform filtering tasks
  • Embed frequently used lists, such as employees, departments, or key customers, into Excel’s interface for use with any spreadsheet
  • Apply different filter settings with just a couple of mouse clicks using the Custom Views feature
  • Strike through list items with a custom shortcut
  • Convert .XLS workbooks to the up-to-date .XLSX format with just two keystrokes
  • Bypass filter drop-down lists by filtering based on cell contents with a single keystroke or mouse click