Executing Change in Your Organization, by Lorman

Executing Change in Your Organization is brought to you by Lorman

Learn how to appropriately engage your workforce and objectively identify the issues and challenges that change may present.

When an organization’s leadership is faced with the need to drive change through its culture, structure and operations, they want to do so in a way that ensures the viability and sustainability of the organization going forward. Whether the change is due to external forces beyond their control or from within based on new visions, missions and objectives, the mission is clear; execute the change in the least disruptive and painful way possible. This topic helps those leading or caught up in the change process to appropriately engage the workforce and to rally support and needed buy-in to improve their odds of success. Building an understanding of the dynamics of the change process and how those dynamics change based on the nature of the change and the ability of the organization to adapt to nuances and new requirements is a critical capability that a Change Leader needs to master; especially when transformative change is being pursued.

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