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Fireside Chat: A Safe Reopening, by Community Boost

Fireside Chat: A Safe Reopening is FREE courtesy of Community Boost

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How can your nonprofit reopen safely and successfully?

Our founder, Cameron Ripley, will welcome Jessa Costanzo, a Reopening Expert from Fever Free, along with Eagleville Hospital, The Bullock Garden Project, and Orange County Rape Crisis Center, who will share their best advice and learnings on reopening safely during the pandemic – from using health screening apps to adopting strict protocols if someone shows symptoms.

After reopening successfully, these three nonprofits are eager to share how they’ve navigated the many obstacles of implementing a safe reopening plan. Learn the ins and outs of how nonprofits just like yours are opening their doors back up again, with a focus on health and safety.

What You’ll Learn:

+ How to create a successful reopening plan
+ Innovative new strategies to reopen effectively and safely
+ Real-life advice to overcome reopening obstacles
+ How to safely conduct health screenings and implement necessary protocols

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