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FIRESIDE CHAT: What Is – and Isn’t – the Role of the Grant Writer? w/ Dr. Bev Browning | Instrumentl, by Instrumentl

FIRESIDE CHAT: What Is – and Isn’t – the Role of the Grant Writer? w/ Dr. Bev Browning | Instrumentl is FREE courtesy of Instrumentl

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If you’re writing grants, chances are you’re being pulled in multiple different directions at once – and it’s stressful.

You may have asked yourself – what actually is the role of a grant writer? Or, more importantly, what isn’t the role? And how can I get win more grants with less stress?

We tackle these questions during a Fireside chat with Grant Consultant and Grantwriting for Dummies author, Dr. Bev Browning

By the end of this Instrumentl Partner Webinar, you’ll learn:

– What the role of a grant writer should be
– How to effectively collaborate with your team to set realistic goals
– Tips and steps to take to get organized and be less reactive

Dr. Bev is a Michigan native who lived in the Flint area for 45 years, and relocated to Arizona in 1995 where she lives today. She is known for consulting in grant writing, RFP responses, technical writing, and organizational development. Her deep expertise has resulted in her clients receiving more than $750 million in funding. Her well-known book, Grant Writing for Dummies has sold over a million copies. Dr. Bev is also the author of the Nonprofit Kit for Dummies, and Fundraising for Dummies (to be published in 2022).

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