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Fiscal Sponsorship

This course brought to you by The Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation

This is a Custom Course / $125 – $165 per month

What does our Fiscal Sponsor/Agent (FS/A) Program offer?

We’ve Got You Covered to provide . . .

  • Immediate non-profit benefits to receive tax-deductible contributions and sponsorships
  • Business development and leadership coaching, providing professional mentoring, which can include additional featured speakers and experienced trainers; minimum two (2) group virtual trainings offered per month (plus one one-on-one session, if FS/A+ is selected).
  • Virtual comprehensive training includes grant research, project development, collaborative building, budgeting, program evaluation so much more.

In addition:

  • FS/A allows you to test-drive your social causes and ideas, while receiving tax deductible contributions, without becoming a nonprofit organization
  • FS/A helps you attract and receive funding that otherwise would not be available
  • Through FS/A, receive hassle-free fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services:

1)  We take on the responsibility of receiving and administering your charitable contributions

2)  We produce your comprehensive donor reports

3)  We are responsibility for Corporate governance and Board of Director responsibilities

If you’d like to step into this trillion-dollar industry, as you learn how to chart your path . . . We’ve Got You Covered!

Initial enrollment requires a three-month commitment, with the following being month-to-month (can alternate from FS/A to FS.A+).

Upon enrollment, Fiscal Sponsorship coverage begins immediately for tax deductible contributions.

The number of FS/A Memberships are limited!

Option #1: FS/A Program Enrollment is only $125 for two one-hour group sessions per month. Fees will be recurring every 30 days.

Option #2:  FS/A “Plus” Program In addition to Option #1 (two 1-hour group webinars), Option #2 includes a 1-hour one-on-one personal training per month (coaching with Sherita Herring) for $165 /month. Fees will be recurring every 30 days, with the option to switch to Option #1 at any time.