Fiscal Sponsorship: The Nonprofit Startup Alternative (and more), by Great Careers/BENG

Fiscal Sponsorship: The Nonprofit Startup Alternative (and more) is FREE courtesy of Great Careers/BENG

1 Lesson / 41 Minutes / FREE

In this insightful and interesting interview, Linda Rentschler, Founder and Executive Director of Humanitarian Social Innovations, educates us on fiscal sponsorship as an alternative to starting a nonprofit, and the other interesting uses of the fiscal sponsorship model. This presentation is part of the Nonprofit Career Network series, a subgroup of Great Careers Groups. It’s brought to you by Nonprofit.Courses.

Find out more about Humanitarian Social Innovations.

To find a fiscal sponsor near you, or to match your mission, go to the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors.

To contact Linda Rentschler, send an email to: office@humanitariansocialinnovations.com

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