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Free Planned Giving Marketing Downloads

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Our friends at were nice to offer these eight helpful planned giving marketing downloads, FREE for your use. Click on the links below, or go to the link above to get them directly from their web page.

Donor Story Form

Use this tool to interview donors and collect the right information. Very few will say no to you if done right. Your major roadblock will be their time (people are busy!), and lack of confidence to write good copy. Give them the option of having it written or edited by a professional. This is a service that we offer… we make stories shine.
DOWNLOAD (MS Word Document)

25 Conversation Starters

Here are one or two-liners to open up a comfortable dialog so you can motivate prospects to share their information.

The 25 Estate Planning Documents

These are the documents one needs to put in place before leaving this earth — that includes you. Some of them are eye openers. You’d be surprised how many doctors and attorneys put these off. Even wealthy actors and actresses like Aretha Franklin.

This is the simple first step for preventing chaos, disappointment, hard work and unnecessary expense resulting from a ragtag, unprepared estate, and it strengthens your role as trusted friend. You can employ this useful document in electronic or hardcopy form to initiate and/or support estate-planning discussions with your prospects. Good conversation opener, too. (You have our permission to place your logo and contact information on it.)

Donor Characteristics Table

Download this “typical donor” profile document for the answers you need to help you focus on the prospects you have, and discover new ones. Because a donor you don’t know is the same as no donor at all. (A great teaching tool for your staff, too!)

Year-End Giving Solicitation Letter

Every year you want to find compelling reasons for your donors to make vital year-end gifts. This letter highlights ways to benefit your organization that don’t even require donors to open their checkbooks. Specifically highlighted are gifts of appreciated securities and charitable gift annuities (CGAs). The copy encourages your donors to think outside the box about creative ways that they can support your organization and help you carry out your important mission while securing for themselves important tax and income advantages before the end of the year.
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Gift Comparison Chart

Here’s our popular When, how and why to plan a gift. This is an abbreviated and smaller (8.5 x 11 inch) version of our larger planned giving cheat sheet (11 x 17). This “Cheat Sheet” comes as a foldout in its original format in our Pocket Guide.

Sample Codicil

A codicil is a document that amends, rather than replaces, a previously executed will. Amendments made by a codicil may add or revoke a few small provisions (e.g., changing executors), or may completely change the majority or all of the gifts under the will. Each codicil must conform to the same legal requirements as the original will, such as the signatures of the testator and, typically, two or three (depending on jurisdiction) disinterested witnesses. Remember, it is highly recommended that these forms be used as guides, and that the services of an experienced attorney be rendered.
DOWNLOAD (MS Word Document)

The Perfect Question to Ask

Download it. Print it. Staple it to your wall. Courtesy of Jack Miller, Pittsburgh, PA.