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Fueling Your Fundraiser Webinar with Greater Giving, by Utopia Experience

Fueling Your Fundraiser Webinar with Greater Giving is FREE courtesy of Utopia Experience

1 Lesson / 50 Minutes / FREE

The biggest nonprofit struggle of the past has been competing for the donor dollar. Now, what nonprofits are actually competing for is time and heart. With limited time and money, families have to choose where to allocate their hearts in a world where there are many worthy nonprofits. We help nonprofits bring generations together to create and share collective meaning and purpose, driven through events and impact stories with video. Deeply connecting with people will help them realize your organization isn’t simply a nonprofit, it’s a way of being. This all starts with transforming your events and building meaningful relationships with donors through your stories.

Utopia is creating a space for nonprofit executives and fundraisers to gain valuable knowledge in the space of scaling your real impact. We’ll focus on pre, during, and post-event strategies that will strengthen your relationships with your donors. We’ll discuss how building community, inviting people with thoughtfulness, nailing your tech, scaling creative partnerships and producing incredible impact stories will help you transcend what you thought was possible.

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