Fundraising as a Career

Fundraising as a Career

4 Lessons / $299 / 3.75 CFRE Hours

This course brought to you by Linda Lysakowski.

Thinking about a career in fundraising, already in the field but need to know how to succeed at it or looking to hire a fundraising person and are not sure what to look for? You’re not crazy, trust me! This course will cover what type of fundraising jobs are out there, what you need to land a job, and what you need to be successful at it. In this four-lesson course, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to work in the nonprofit sector
  • What type of options there are in fundraising
  • What skills you need to be successful
  • What it takes to advance in the field

Lesson Summary:

  • Lesson One: What Does It Mean to Work in Philanthropy—how large is the sector, what kind of salaries are customary?
  • Lesson Two: Is Fundraising for You—do you have the skills and personality? What paths do people take to enter fundraising?
  • Lesson Three: What Jobs Are Available and What Does It Take to Succeed—are you a generalist or a specialist? Do you want to work in a small shop or a big office?
  • Lesson Four: Succeeding and Growing—what chances are there for advancement and what skills do you need to acquire to advance in the profession?

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