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Fundraising Operations Live Coaching Call, by Databasey

Fundraising Operations Live Coaching Call is FREE courtesy of Databasey

1 Lesson / 43 Minutes / FREE

25 views Jun 29, 2021 This video is for fundraising operations professionals.

The first 10 minutes is a training on donor privacy and data retention. We discussed what to do in the event of a data breach of your fundraising database.

In this LIVE call, the questions asked were:

Should my organization accept cryptocurrency?

I can’t get leadership to care about the database. How can I get people to us it?

We have established standards for our major gift officers but some people don’t follow them. What should I do?

What report should our board be given monthly?

If I had two hours to work on cleaning up my fundraising database? what should I focus on? What would have the most impact?

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