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Get Funded: An Ex-Grants Reviewer Reveals Secrets

This Free Online Training brought to you by Joanne Oppelt

This is a great opportunity in so many ways.

Joanne brings you TONS of experience as a former executive director. With that, (by necessity, as you know) she became a top notch grantwriter.

But here’s what’s most important: she’s also has experience “from the other side,” as a grant reviewer. And that’s the experience you need from her today. It’s a perspective that’s rarely found – and available right here on Nonprofit.Courses.

But there really is more.

Joanne has developed a unique platform for content delivery that you’ll find very helpful.

  • By clicking on the orange button, you’ll have access to her 30 minute FREE program.
  • If you click on the same link two months later, you’ll get a different, NEW free 30 minute program.

These are recorded webinars. What’s really cool (IMHO) is that you can ask questions during the webinar and she can answer in real time! (or as close as she can.)

Now, by way of full disclosure, at the end, Joanne will offer you her complete grants program plus a lot of helpful extras. If you get her full program, some of the proceeds go to support Nonprofit.Courses.

This is a great opportunity to get some extremely helpful content for free – even more if you choose, and experience what could be a new form of online education all at once. Sign up today!