Creating Earned Revenue Sources for Nonprofits in the Digital Age, by dotOrg Strategy

Getting on the Radar of Foundations (and How Tech Can Help), by dotOrg Strategy

Getting on the Radar of Foundations (and How Tech Can Help) is FREE courtesy of dotOrg Strategy

What you can do to help your organization stand out—and attract the attention of foundations

The majority of family foundations state that they do not accept unsolicited proposals, or that they only give to “pre-selected organizations.” The question on any nonprofit’s mind is, how do you become one of those pre-selected organizations?

In this presentation, learn more about how technology factors in as funders find and learn about their grantees, what sources they consult to do their research on nonprofits, and what you can do to help your organization stand out and attract the attention of foundations. As funders grow increasingly tech-savvy, they use a variety of online tools to scan the landscape, and we’ll explore how you can use those same tech resources to find your ideal grantmaking partner and get on their radar.

What You Will Learn

  • How to showcase the specific information funders are looking for in your online presence
  • How to research foundations online, and how to keep up with their latest updates and interests
  • The most effective strategies for networking and establishing relationships with funders online

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