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Goodbye Stress: A six-week course that changes lives

This course brought to you by The Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation

Structure & Fees: The course is conducted in twelve 60-minute group calls.

  • $4,200 for an unlimited number of course participants
  • $780 per person for three to five course participants
  • $600 per person for six or more course participants;

Class sessions are held live twice weekly for sixty minutes by phone or Skype.

Provider: Eva Slater, MS, PhD

Is stress harming your NGO team’s productivity, effectiveness, and quality of life?

Or, are your clients hampered by stress?

This course reduces stress for your NGO team or the clients you help.

Course structure: The course is conducted in twelve 60-minute group calls. Calls are held twice weekly for six weeks. Participants call in by Skype (or similar technology) for group sessions conducted by Eva Slater, PhD. Course participants will be taught how to let go of stress on the spot. Additionally, they will learn powerful stress-reduction techniques they can continue on their own if they so desire.

The course can be provided to either your NGO team members or your NGO clients.

Course customization (optional): The Goodbye Stress course can be customized to focus on the types of stresses faced by your NGO team members or clients. We can focus, for example, on the stresses of learning new jobs or roles, working to attain an important goal, relocating to a new geographic area, or other specific challenges. However, no specific focus is required; the course can embrace stress in general. Saying goodbye to stress frees our best skills, strengthening our effectiveness and well being.

Instructor qualifications: Dr. Slater is trained to help others let go of stress using The Sedona Method and other strategies. She brings to her work a compassion and deep respect that helps clients relax into the techniques. Clients report a big reduction in stress along with greater enjoyment, productivity, and effectiveness. Dr. Slater holds an MS and PhD in clinical psychology. When she is not facilitating stress reduction she teaches university students.

Disclaimer: The course is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any mental or physical disorder. Please have individuals see a licensed health professional if needed. Individuals in treatment can still benefit from this stress-reduction course if approved by the treating professional.

Language: An interpreter, if desired, will be provided for an additional fee.