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Grant Writing Boot Camp: Six-Part Series

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Customizable/ 6 lessons / 12 hours

Studies reveal that many managers of non-profit finances, including for churches, suffer huge knowledge gaps, leaving them in a vicious cycle of “nonprofit starvation.”

Another common mistake is many non-profit Executives, Social-Entrepreneurs, Clergy and Thought-leaders leave it up to the Grant Writer to understand and develop the grant strategies for their organizations — which is a BIG mistake!

Executives who see the success or failure of their fundraising strategies as the sole responsibility of the grant writer or funds developer, is failing to consider the responsibilities beyond the funding application, i.e., day-to-day operations; collaborative building; past strategies; future strategic planning, projected outcomes, past and present contacts and resources, and more; in which all are a part of the application process. How would the grant writer or funds development automatically know this information?

It’s important for the leading principal to become versed in the financial strategies of the organization to ensure sustainability.

Convening once a week, this comprehensive virtual training consists of six two-hour webinar sessions for six weeks.

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