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Grants Myths and Urban Legends ft. Hisham Ali Bon | Instrumentl Grants Workshop, by Instrumentl

Grants Myths and Urban Legends ft. Hisham Ali Bon | Instrumentl Grants Workshop is FREE courtesy of Instrumentl

1 Lesson / 60 Minutes / FREE

​If you’ve ever been frustrated by the grant writing process, you’re not alone. There are many misconceptions and falsehoods surrounding grant writing that can make it seem daunting or even impossible. But don’t worry – we’re here to help you separate fact from fiction and give you the tools you need to succeed.

In this Instrumentl Partner Webinar, we learn: ​

– Common misconceptions/falsehoods surrounding grant writing, as well as best practices for effective grant writing that are backed by research and proven results!
– Practical tools and strategies to craft compelling grant proposals that effectively communicate their organization’s mission, objectives, and impact. Most importantly, attendees will be empowered to overcome common barriers to successful grant funding!
– Ultimately, attendees will leave the workshop better prepared to navigate the grant writing process and secure funding for their organizations’ initiatives!
– How Instrumentl saves you time and money in finding, tracking and managing your grants all in one place.

Hisham Ali Bob is a tri-lingual community leader who comes to Mockingbird with ten years experience preventing violence and fundraising for a range of causes to improve the human condition. Hisham began working in Oakland, California as a volunteer to prevent gun violence and since then has worked at nonprofit organizations at the staff, manager and board level and prides himself on “walking the talk” when it comes to helping community organizations do their work. In addition to his nonprofit work, Hisham has worked in local government to support nonprofit organizations working in domestic violence prevention and workforce development. A Sudanese-American, Hisham is a strategic thinker with a track-record of creating empowering engagement opportunities for community stakeholders, elected officials and business professionals. His prevention work has come to focus on building authentic relationships with grassroots and grasstops minority-led nonprofit organizations diligently crafting the solution to their community’s problems and to serve as a bridge to the world of traditional philanthropy. Hisham approaches his work from a place of intense curiosity and practices robust self-care. When not working, Hisham enjoys playing basketball, long distance running and visiting new playgrounds with his wife and son.

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