Creating Earned Revenue Sources for Nonprofits in the Digital Age, by dotOrg Strategy

Growing Beyond Your Base, by dotOrg Strategy

Growing Beyond Your Base is FREE courtesy of dotOrg Strategy

A Systematic Approach to Reaching New Audiences and Getting Donors to Come To You

How to use timeless strategies and today’s latest tools to reach new audiences and get donors to come to you.

How do you attract more supporters and participants to your programs? Whether your current base is forty or four thousand strong, you know your programs can benefit more people if they only knew about them (and if you had more money to do more with). How can you capture the attention of people who would support—or benefit from—your work in this noisy, busy, attention-deficient age? In this course, we’ll explore the tools and lay out the methodologies designed to do just that: expand your community and your impact by reaching and growing beyond your base.

In this online workshop, Boris breaks down the systematic approach he uses to help nonprofits expand their audience & supporters, and impact more lives.

You’ll learn how to expand the number of people who:

  • Connect with your mission
  • Believe in your methodology
  • Devote time, money or voice to your cause

Upon completion of this course and accompanying action guide, you will be able to:

  • Identify easy areas for growth
  • Define your two target growth audiences
  • Discover what makes your current supporters love you
  • Leverage the power of social proof
  • Understand the four reasons people give you money
  • Formulate your various features and benefits…and know just how to use them
  • Create incentives that bring them to you and make them feel indebted to your organization
  • Develop lead-generation social media marketing strategies for your nonprofit

dotOrgStrategies has an affiliate relationship with Nonprofit.Courses. This means that this is a paid course, and a portion of your fee goes to Nonprofit.Courses. The good news is that your price does not change by using this link. Thanks for your support of Nonprofit.Courses!

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