Heather Turoczi – Custom Courses in Nonprofit Evaluation

Course Title: Nonprofit Program Evaluation

Course Description: If you get the money, how can anyone tell if it will be used right? If you already received the grant, how will the funder know what you did with it was effective?

More and more, donors, governments, boards, staff and even clients want to know that you are doing what was promised... and that's more than just how many people showed up. It's whether your program made a difference in the life of the child, whether a species thrived, whether houses became homes... and so much more.

In this course, Heather will bring you through the process of designing outcome measures, data collections systems and analytics that will let you (and your funders) know more than "did we do it?", but "did it work?"

  • Course Hours: Quarter-Day (2 Hours)
  • Delivery Method: Online Live or In-Person Live
  • Includes: Expert content delivery, course customization, related materials provided in electronic format, live interaction with your audience.
  • Amount: $1,795 USD*
  • This course is also available in Extended (4-Hour) and Extended In Depth (8-Hour) formats

*transportation and accommodations not included


Heather TurocziSince beginning her career in the non-profit and education field, Heather Turoczi has worn the many hats required of a non-profit provider, working on projects as varied as developing programs and partnerships with Silicon Valley companies, fundraising with the San Francisco 49ers, recruiting and managing volunteers, helping students complete FAFSA’s, teaching writing to 8th graders, helping non-English-speaking parents negotiate the health-care system, and teaching a middle school cooking class.

Through their business, Sandpiper Evaluation Associates, Heather, her mother, Carol and their associates, partner with nonprofits to create customized evaluation plans , data collection system and presentation techniques that show how well they are meeting their clients’ needs. They enable nonprofits to improve their programs, demonstrate accountability, share their results and show funders the impact their funding has made.

This course does not have any sections.