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How HR Can Avoid Missteps When an Employee Goes Through a Divorce, by Lorman

How HR Can Avoid Missteps When an Employee Goes Through a Divorce is brought to you by Lorman

Learn how best to support your employees that are in the process of a divorce.

Corporations are losing millions of dollars every year due to decreased productivity from employees experiencing divorce. As the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey estimates that half of all marriages end in divorce, many employees at your company are likely part of that statistic. In addition, when a worker is experiencing divorce, they’re more likely to have increased conflict with others and miss more workdays due to court. There is a crossroads when it comes to work and family crises, including divorce, and there is a duty of human resources departments to support their employees who are experiencing it. This topic will help HR professionals learn the best ways to support divorcing employees and offer resources to help them during the process, including divorce leave. This material will also share details about alternative process options, such as collaborative divorce and negotiation, which are proceedings that keep divorcing spouses out of court. By sharing this information, employees can avoid lengthy courtroom battles, be at work more, and be productive and focused. This information is essential for employers that are losing money as a result of decreased productivity and support their employees during divorce as an added work benefit.

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