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How Often Should You Review Your Strategic Plan?, by Funding for Good

How Often Should You Review Your Strategic Plan? is FREE courtesy of Funding for Good

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This is a really great question especially for nonprofits that hold those annual retreats to review strategic plans. We see groups that have this strategic planning for a new process and the review process is not always there. A lot of the time they realize they fell short of their goals or maybe they actually exceeded the goals but there’s no time at the end of the year to review. How do we build on this growth that we’ve created because it’s the end of the year? With any strategic plan, we highly encourage a 90 day review process. Were strategic goals met? If yes then how can we build on that in the next 90 days? If no how do we adapt our strategic plans moving forward? Quarterly strategic planning reviews allow us to keep the organization, staff and board on task with strategic goals in mind. We always want to make sure that a nonprofit board and nonprofit staff reports presented through the lens of of our strategic plan. Board meetings should include strategic reports. The strategic plan provides context for the content but the actual strategic review process should be happening quarterly.

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