Creating Earned Revenue Sources for Nonprofits in the Digital Age, by dotOrg Strategy

How to Ask People for Money, by dotOrg Strategy

How to Ask People for Money is a premium paid course courtesy of dotOrg Strategy

A Step-By-Step System to Raise the Money You Need for Your Cause … even if you don’t have an MBA or a lot of rich friends!

A step-by-step system to help you

  • Raise the money you need
  • Bring your projects to life
  • Take your life to the next level

(even if you don’t have an MBA or rich friends)

Whether you want to start a business, help your favorite charity, or launch your artistic career, this course will help you overcome your obstacles, help you find funders and teach you how to make the best pitch for your project.

dotOrgStrategies has an affiliate relationship with Nonprofit.Courses. This means that this is a paid course, and a portion of your fee goes to Nonprofit.Courses. The good news is that your price does not change by using this link. Thanks for your support of Nonprofit.Courses!

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