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How to Build a Better Technology Roadmap, by Build Consulting

How to Build a Better Technology Roadmap is FREE courtesy of Build Consulting

How to Build a Better Technology Roadmap

All nonprofit organizations stand to benefit from an improved technology environment. But does your organization’s technology roadmap provide you with the directions you need to succeed with those new and improved technologies? Do you know how to build a better technology roadmap in 2021?

You may have gaps in leadership, operations, business process, and data management capacity that have prevented your organization from effectively selecting and implementing technologies to serve your entire organization and its mission.

Without addressing these gaps, your nonprofit is at a higher risk of technology system implementation failure.​

Learn how to address these gaps. Technology implementation can require significant change management efforts, for all staff. Don’t let your technology fail by not addressing systemic changes necessary for success!

In this webinar, Build Consulting expert Peter Mirus explains how to build a technology roadmap that will guide your organization to a successful future. 

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