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How to Build Your Career in Enterprise Blockchains

This course is ideal for blockchain enthusiasts who want to pursue a career path in applying their skills and technical expertise to the service of enterprise clients. Similarly, it is ideal for company employees who want to improve their personal profile within the company and be appealing for potential new hires. To do so, you must blend your technical skills with a wider perspective around enterprise business processes, dynamics of corporate decision making, and ability to present the return of investment of a blockchain-based project.

In this course, 101 Blockchains Research experts will share their deep industry knowledge and experience about the do’s and dont’s to build your enterprise blockchain professional career.

They will introduce you to concepts like why should you become an enterprise blockchain expert, along with what skills an enterprise client may want from an enterprise blockchain specialist, down to the details of preparing for a blockchain interview and making a business presentation.

What we will cover to get you to building your career in enterprise blockchains:

  • Why should you become an enterprise blockchain expert
  •  What skills enterprises want from a blockchain specialist
  •  How to build your career in enterprise blockchains
  •  Basic skills to begin with 
  •  Become an enterprise blockchain consultant
  •  Become an enterprise blockchain engineer
  •  Prepare for a blockchain interview
  •  Make a business presentation

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