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How to Create a Positive Workplace Culture, by Lorman

How to Create a Positive Workplace Culture is brought to you by Lorman

Gain more hope and energy along with practical tools you can implement immediately.

Brand is a lagging indicator of the quality of your culture. Culture is the sum of every interaction between your people. These interactions can create toxic, demotivating cultures or engaging and thriving cultures. This presentation will provide an elegant and surprisingly powerful new framework for creating a positive workplace culture that builds connections while getting results. Take a fresh new approach to the most pressing issues, such as engagement, retention, and inclusion. Experience the possibilities when compassion and accountability become one through the three switches of The Compassion Mindset; Value, Capability, and Responsibility. Learn the framework, behaviors, and practices for turning on each switch, and see how other organizations have implemented compassionate accountability principles to create positive workplaces that are safe, curious, and consistent.

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