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How To Create The Perfect Call To Action (CTA)

Fewer than 25 percent of businesses express satisfaction with their conversion rates. The right call to action can persuade people to visit your site or read your emails or do something specific like buy a product, grab a download, read the rest of an article, or share a piece of content on social media.

Calls to action also use urgency and scarcity to trigger action. The key to CTA’s is to tap into the target audience and feed on their needs. Risk is a fear that can easily be overcome with a guarantee or free trial offer. This course is designed to help you understand the steps to developing the perfect call to action by tapping into the psychology behind what triggers action. Participants will walk away with a good understanding on how to develop their own CTAs.

Why MarketAtomy?

As a social entrepreneur, whether you’re an emerging business or nonprofit, you need the right information, and you need it now! That’s why Nonprofit.Courses brings you MarketAtomy Academy premium content. This course, like their others, takes a deep dive into its subject so you can get to why you started your enterprise in the first place – to impact people!

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