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Key Takeaways:

✭ There are five phases to creating and implementing new ideas: ideation, concentration and focus, momentum, stabilization, and integration.
✭ The second phase often kills ideas because people give up. However, every idea needs an investment of time and effort – you’re not going to get a return for that investment early on but you have to keep pushing.
✭ Your idea not working doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea, it means that you have to be more consistent with processing the implementation of it.
✭ You don’t want to be associated with starting a bad idea – so when an idea doesn’t work, it’s easier to just come up with a “better” idea. The idea not working out early on is not an indication of your competence or ability.

“Most things don’t work not because… it wasn’t given enough time and consistent devotion to activity to actually take hold. Knowing that if there’s something we really wanna see happen, it’s going to take some concentration and focus, faith and trust, that what you’re putting out there is actually gonna come back to you. “ – Maryanne Dersch

Be more confident, credible & convincing to your board & supporters without feeling rejected, ineffective, or pushy.

Learn to manage your mindset, lead yourself and others more effectively and have the meaningful conversations that drive your most important work.

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