Rising Costs of Fundraising can eat you alive. Today, more than ever, nonprofits are facing tremendous financial headwinds. Join Larry Raff, Founder of Abacus, in an engaging discussion with Matt Hugg on the steps you can take to put a stable breeze at your back. Visit www.donorabacus.com for more information. Made possible by a strategic investment by Copley Raff Inc.

To beat the Rising Costs of Fundraising, check out the resources discussed in the video:

A Guide to Donor Retention for Nonprofits, from iWave.

Donor Retention Matters, from the Urban Institute

Measuring satisfaction and loyalty: How do your donors feel? from the (UK) Commission on Donor Experience.

Candid’s Foundation Center Directory Public Access Locations

The High Price of Materialism, by Tim Kasser

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, by Daniel Pink

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