How to properly produce a virtual fundraiser!, by Utopia Experience

How to properly produce a virtual fundraiser! is FREE courtesy of Utopia Experience

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Just to give you a brief synopsis on virtual events:

1) Production: Producing a virtual fundraiser is not a DIY project. Take a look at all of the studio equipment that goes into producing a proper virtual fundraiser.

2) Experience: Your virtual fundraiser is all about ENERGY and EXPERIENCE. Make sure you’re utilizing both pre-recorded and live elements, which will help your program move along seamlessly.

3) Auctioneer: An auctioneer is VITAL to your success. Hiring someone like Shannon at Raising Paddles will ensure your guests are engaged and actively bidding.

4) Live Music: This piece is critical! Live music elevates the experience and gets people dancing, from the comfort of their living rooms.

Many of our nonprofit clients were left with their arms in air after their largest fundraisers had to be rescheduled or canceled. Amidst the Corona crisis, we started thinking as an organization – what could we do to stay relevant and keep our nonprofit partners viable, as they rely so heavily on their fundraising dollars to stay afloat.  

Since that discussion, our production and A/V team worked tirelessly to incorporate various unique technological elements to Zoom that feel different from your conventional “morning manager meeting.”

We started offering services exclusively to nonprofits, but word started spreading. Schools began reaching out inquiring on Virtual Proms and Graduations – so of course we said Yes!

We are producing everything from Virtual Gala’s, Auctions and Proms, to 5K’s and Drive-In Graduations! 

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