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How to Stay in Sync With Your Boss, by Lorman

How to Stay in Sync With Your Boss is brought to you by Lorman

Learn how to create and maintain a positive, organized, and professional working relationship with your boss.

It is easy for a team to get out of sync, especially now in the landscape of remote work. It is even more so for assistants and the bosses they support. It is important to remember that the success of those in charge as well as the business itself depends on the synergy between a boss and their assistants. The problem now is expectation. The expectation is that assistants should know everything despite not being included in meetings or private conversations. This course will help assistants understand what key factors help the synergy between them and their boss for there to be harmony between the two parties. This material will explain the factors of team resilience that help generate better performance standards, including fluid and productive communication, impeccable commitment, an unwavering connection, and a considerable amount of consideration for each other. This synergy not only bodes well for the two parties but the organization/business as a whole. During this course, we will not only discuss how these factors shape a team but also shape culture. This material is critical for the well-being of everyone to have a more productive workplace environment.

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