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How to Use GuideStar to Find Grants, by Holly Rustick

How to Use GuideStar to Find Grants is FREE courtesy of Holly Rustick

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Are you getting grants from foundations? Does it feel like an uphill battle of constant rejections? Or are you not even sure where to look?

In this episode, we are going to look at a great resource for finding foundation grants and how to find the best-fit foundations to fund your projects; is a great resource as you will see, and it’s free to utilize most of the services. But how do you use it to find the best-fit grants? I’ll show you four simple things to look for when searching foundations on GuideStar.

Make sure you stand out when applying for grants!

It’s simple, but it does take time. However, when you take the time to do research and find good-fit foundations it can pay off big time.

And, hey, if this type of research just isn’t for you, WEGO Grants nerds out on a regular basis and can help you. Just let me know at

Thanks so much for listening!

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