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How to Use Zoom to Hold Your Support Group or Course Online

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With the world becoming increasingly more affected by COVID-19, meetings are being cancelled and many people are left without the support they are used to receiving. In this training, I’m going to talk about best practices for continuing to offer support virtually using Zoom, specifically for gatherings, support groups, and education.


-There was a question about if Zoom is HIPPA compliant. Zoom has a special product that is HIPPA compliant: https://zoom.us/healthcare

-After hearing a number of people were still experiencing the 40min limit, I did some research and found that Zoom has only lifted the limit on education accounts. It’s automatic for some countries and for others you have to request it. The pro account that I use is $14.99/month. If you need a bunch of pro accounts for your organization there is a tech soup bundle (https://www.techsoup.org/zoom)