How to Win Disengaged Employees Back, by Lorman

How to Win Disengaged Employees Back is brought to you by Lorman

Learn how to win disengaged employees back and make engagement central to your business strategy.

Only 33% of employed residents in the U.S. are engaged at work. This statistic, according to a State of the American Workplace report by Gallup, indicates there is much room for improvement. Leaders with the right long-term engagement strategies win with both engaged and disengaged employees. They make engagement part of the daily conversation, which addresses all employees. In this topic, you will learn more about how to win disengaged employees back, why a high engagement culture matters, how to make engagement central to your business strategy, and how to build a workforce that is engaged. Despite the various reasons employees become disengaged, there are methods to identify top triggers that can cause disengagement and tips on how to turn that around. You will be able to take these tips and put them into action to see a difference in engagement, retention, and productivity. With case studies and examples, you will learn how to create a seamless connection between how disengaged employees need to reengage, what the organization’s responsibilities are, and how leaders must actively participate to increase engagement overall.

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