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Identifying Low Employee Morale and Mitigating Negative Impacts to Your Bottom Line, by Lorman

Identifying Low Employee Morale and Mitigating Negative Impacts to Your Bottom Line is brought to you by Lorman

Learn how to improve workplace morale by keeping your employees engaged, responsible, and happy.

Low employee morale can lead to many problems for organizations everywhere. Some of the problems result in hard costs, such as high turnover or poor quality of work, and some of the problems result in soft costs such as poor unit cohesion and low employee involvement. Finding and keeping new employees is extremely difficult for some sectors and companies have turned to pay increases, signing bonuses, and premium wages for overtime and weekend shifts. Even with these short-term incentives, companies cannot hire enough new workers or retain their experienced ones. We have seen and helped employers develop a committed long-term workforce by offering flexibility and predictability. This topic will help leaders concerned with their organizations employee engagement to first understand the organizational cost associated with low morale, secondly to identify if they have a problem that is intolerable, and thirdly to review some of the mitigating options companies have used to reverse the trend. Finally, you will be presented with real world examples of how organizations have improved morale and how those results have led to wide-ranging benefits for the company and their employees.

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