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Identifying Priorities to the Strategic Planning Process, by Funding for Good

Identifying Priorities to the Strategic Planning Process is FREE courtesy of Funding for Good

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If you’ve ever engaged in any type of strategic planning you know that everyone has different ideas. How do you decide which priorities are most strategic? When identifying organizational priorities for strategic planning you must consider both the board of directors the nonprofit staff. These are your stakeholders all with different ideas of what should be prioritized in strategic planning process. The board might say to focus on sustainability. The staff might say to focus on programs. Other stakeholders might say to focus on community outreach. What is a question that we can ask them to determine what is at the top of their strategic planning priority list? Focus on strategic questions around the direction of the nonprofit in the next 3-5 years and/or the impact of the nonprofit in that time. Perhaps there is a problem that the nonprofit could help solve in that time and that could be an identified priority for the strategic planning process.

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