Internal Communications Strategies at Today's Nonprofits

Internal Communications Strategies at Today’s Nonprofits

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Today’s workplaces continue to face traditional communication issues. Proper team communication is necessary for mission success, workplace safety and positive workplace culture.

It’s a constant struggle that requires the constant time and attention of staff and managers. But our traditional communication difficulties are now seemingly being amplified with new landmines that can hurt organization and individual success. Bullying, politics, triggers, Facebook, proper personal pronouns and even terrorism are now things that can hamper healthy office communication in the modern workplace. Compassionate and non-violent communication for nonprofit teams is a necessary skill that constructs bridges of clear communication between management and staff within that team structure. When the entire team feels comfortable to vocalize a constructive opinion within a safe environment then the dynamics of a team can be utilized to achieve the end goal.

Join us as our panel of experts discusses what has changed and how to prevent issues before they derail your nonprofit’s culture.