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Key Elements of Decision-Making Meetings, by Lorman

Key Elements of Decision-Making Meetings is brought to you by Lorman

Gain the tools needed to keep meetings moving forward and reach group decisions with ease.

Many teams lack a clear process for making decisions. Others create decision-making processes that are clear but take forever. Most employ a confusing mix, running some decisions through an agonizing gauntlet of analysis but leaving others up to the leader of the day’s whims. These teams waste money and time. They also undermine employee confidence and trust. This topic will help team leaders understand the seven steps in an effective decision-making process and how to apply this process to decisions of any size. Leaders will learn how and when to involve team members before, during, and after the decision-making meeting. They’ll also learn how to run a meeting that encourages healthy debate and ends with a strong commitment to act. Finally, we’ll explore how to prevent FOMO and sabotage by ensuring that everyone who wasn’t in the meeting is included in the decision-making process.

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