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Leading Right – When Good Leaders Do Bad Things, by Lorman

Leading Right – When Good Leaders Do Bad Things is brought to you by Lorman

Understand and avoid the trappings that make great leaders fail.

Leading today is incredibly difficult. With changes in organizational landscape such as age, diversity, and virtual workers – leading is very different in our changing world. Leadership is not for everyone, and this quickly becomes evident when leaders make bad decisions. There is a drastic difference between good and bad leadership. Indecisiveness, narcissism, and tactical practices harm organizational culture, brand recognition, and finances. What is needed is a solid understanding of your emotional intelligence, the ability to create relationships with your most important asset, and be a presence that all desire to be around. To create good leadership, one needs to understand the trappings that make great people fail. If you desire to be a leader that is famous in your company and your industry, this topic was developed with you in mind.

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