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Legal, Talent and Management Trends Nonprofits Should Expect in 2021, by 501cServices

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Join our panel of industry professionals as they discuss legal, talent and management trends nonprofits should expect to navigate in 2021.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

Continued talent management issues surround COVID-19 such has return to work issues, vaccines, and permanent changes to the workplace. Diversity, equity, and inclusion issues surrounding evolving standards, hiring practices, whistleblower policies and proper board involvement. Legislation designed to help nonprofits with issues surrounding the pandemic have special tax implications. What opportunities and roadblocks do virtual workplaces present to organizations trying to train staff so they can perform at their best?

Panelists: Benjamin Freedman, CEO, Weiser Innovations; Matt Perdoni, President, Social Sector Legal Services PLLC; Julie Gilbertson, 501(c) ServicesSHOW LESS

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