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✭ About Suzanne Langlois:

She is the co-founder of Kaldi’s Coffee. She currently serves as the Interim CEO of Meds & Food for Kids, a non-profit based in St. Louis and Haiti. As a lecturer at Washington University, Suzanne has taught entrepreneurship and sustainability. Suzanne’s career began in journalism as a staff reporter for The Riverfront Times. She continues to enjoy writing about the world’s various small wonders.

Key Takeaways:

✭ Having an interim CEO or founder is a good opportunity to reset your identity as an organization so that you understand who you are as an organization in order to attract your people. Take some time to explore that.
✭ You can be a much more effective ambassador, advocate, and strategic leader when you understand your organization’s mechanics deeply.
✭ A certain kind of cultural deference and sensitivity is required when you’re setting up a nonprofit that involves another country. Establish a respectful connection and relationship with locals and always involve them in action and decisions.
✭ There are people all over the world that are willing to support whatever you do, and there are a lot of doors and entryways for that. You don’t have to convince anyone to care, just find what values you share.

“You have to continually inform yourself about how you’re being perceived and you always want to be respectful and let the partners that you have in that country know that you’re honored to be a part of their world and you respect that you’re here as a guest, you’re not here to tell them how to live their lives or change their country.” – Suzanne Langlois

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