Level Up Your LinkedIn by Teresa Huff

To look like the nonprofit expert you are…

Level Up Your LinkedIn!

You know LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your professional skills and build your network, but it can seem pretty intimidating…

  • Where do I start?
  • Who do I connect with?
  • What do I say?

Not to worry – I’m Teresa Huff, and I’ve got your back.

Teresa Huff standing photo

With Level Up Your LinkedIn, you’ll feel good about your profile, confident in connecting with others, and on top of your online game.

You’ll work through the 5 Level Up Your LinkedIn steps:

  • Answer a few questions to give us both a bit of context to work from.
  • Go through my LinkedIn Profile Checklist as you review your profile.
  • Send me the link to your profile.
  • I’ll review your profile and send you custom video feedback.
  • I’ll send you a video review and a list of my top 5-10 suggestions to optimize your profile and start growing your influence on LinkedIn. You’ll have a couple of weeks to get my written feedback on your revisions.

Stop being tongue-tied! Start showcasing your skills and expertise.

It’s time to Level Up Your LinkedIn, and your nonprofit career, now!

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