Marketing Challenges for Nonprofits Podcast

Marketing Challenges for Nonprofits (Episode 118 of the Prove It! podcast series)

Matt Hugg knows marketing and Matt Hugg knows non-profits, and the combination of that expertise has brought him to where he is today, sharing all of the knowledge with that community at his site. In addition to the robust library of resources on his site, he’s also the author of The Guide to Non-Profit Consulting (below).

On this episode, Matt is generous with his insights, and in a short ten-minutes, you’ll learn a lot, whether you’re a volunteer, leader, or board member or a non-profit or not.

Hear why marketing for non-profits is different than marketing for a for-profit company or organization.

Learn how non-profits deal with marketing to both donors and recipients of their services

Discover what resources are out there to help non-profits stay ahead of the curve and why starting with the basics still makes sense

Prove it!

Matt will prove it, by sharing a story of how multi-channel marketing made a significant difference for a non-profit.