Mastering Your Media Pitch

Mastering Your Media Pitch

This is a NonprofitToolKit Master Class

Course Fee: $74

Would you like to improve your ability to spot and share media-worthy stories happening right under your nose?

The very heart of good public relations revolves around researching and developing good stories. Having a compelling story to tell makes all the other PR tactics easier and generates a higher return on investment. But when many nonprofit professionals think about media relations, they immediately start worrying about drafting a press release.

If you’re one of them, join us for our next Master Class and build the skills you need to effectively capture the media’s attention. Guest presenter Brendon Shank, brings both nonprofit and for profit expertise to walk you through:

Researching & developing a story | How do you know if you have a good story already? And, if you don’t, how do you create one that achieves your PR goals?
Pitching your story | When do you write a press release? When do you call a reporter? Is that even a thing anymore?
Making the most of it | PR shouldn’t be the be-all-end-all of your engagement strategy. How do you get the greatest return on your investment through social media and other communications channels