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Masters in Philanthropy and Development at St. Mary’s University

Let’s start with a full disclosure. Matt Hugg, President and Founder of Nonprofit.Courses, received his Master of Arts in Philanthropy and Development from St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota. But that’s only one, very small reason why the Philanthropy and Development program appears on Nonprofit.Courses.

What’s most important is what a St. Mary’s masters degree will do for you and the nonprofits you serve.

From the start, you’ll dive deep.

You will probably never learn more about fundraising and giving over such a short period of time. You come out with a broad education in the concepts behind what you do everyday – and it’s those concepts that will serve you regardless of how technology or techniques change over your career.

You’ll make connections!

More than that, St. Mary’s cohort model will help you build a network of close colleagues from all over the US, and in many cases, the world, that you will come to rely on long after graduation.

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How you get your education counts, too.

The Philanthropy and Development program uses a blended program model. While most of your time will be online, you’ll come to Winona, Minnesota, USA, once a year to take in-person classes. This method can offer serious advantage over online or in-person only learning environments, allowing for an intensely focused learning environment and allowing you to integrate your studies into your career.1

And speaking about your career…

A masters degree gives you an edge if you’re looking to take a leadership position in the nonprofit world – especially a degree focused on fundraising. Whether you’re a development officer, an executive director, a consultant in fundraising or not, knowing the intricacies of fundraising can only help your prospects.

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But it all comes down to mission, right?

A degree in philanthropy and development enables you to significantly assist any mission you chose to serve – and that’s what working in the nonprofit sector is all about.

Your next step?

Check out the Masters in Philanthropy and Development at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota by going to their website, or by contacting the program director, Audrey P. Kintzi, ACFRE, through her LinkedIn page.

[As a proud alumnus of St. Mary’s University’s masters in Philanthropy & Development program, Matt Hugg provides the above as a volunteer, without any financial remuneration. If you talk to Audrey, mention that you saw it here!]

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