Matt recommends the EMyth by Michael Gerber

I firmly believe that all nonprofits can benefit from the eMyth concepts that Michael Gerber advocates. Yet it was hard for me to find the right video for you, because I want you to get the right take-aways for nonprofits.

The eMyth is about business systems and marketing. Systems are the key. As he says, your job as a leader (or owner, as he says) is to work ON the business, not IN the business. This is a very difficult concept for any of us who have a specialty. We love what we do and want to do it – whether you’re a social worker, plumber, environmentalist, or baker or any other thing any of us do. Yet the key is to build processes that make that specialty work – so that almost anyone can make your mission happen.

By systematizing your nonprofit, you make it successful in the long term – to live beyond your leadership. So, watch the eMyth video. Read the eMyth book. Engage the eMyth process.

Thank you to Dentsply Sirona Lab SBU (Strategic Business Unit) for making this free video available on YouTube for everyone’s benefit.

“The E-Myth” – Key-note lecture by Michael E. Gerber at our [Dentsply Sirona Lab] Marketing Summit 2016.

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