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May I Have Your Attention, Please?, by Your Part Time Controller, LLC

May I Have Your Attention, Please? is FREE courtesy of Your Part Time Controller, LLC

This webinar occurred on 2/22/2022. Download the materials by filling out the form below.

Do all members of the board understand your organization’s financial position? Are your financial documents designed to foster board member understanding? Do you “have their attention?”

In this session, we’ll discuss ways nonprofits can improve financial reporting to their entire board – not just the resident CPAs. We will also provide alternative presentation ideas that help direct the Board’s attention to the financial information that matters most.

Attendees will learn how their nonprofit finance team can:

• Define your Board audience and their background
• Educate the Board on fiscal responsibilities and understanding key financial information
• Identify the financial message that needs to be conveyed
• Determine the best method to illustrate that message

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