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Mobilizing Your Nonprofit Board, by Funding for Good

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This video is part 3 on Ways to Maintain Momentum and Engage Your Board from a distance. Now that you have connected (Part 1) and engaged (Part 2) with your board members it is time to prioritize and mobilize. It’s important for Executive Directors and Staff directors to have delegated tasks for the board members to accomplish.

Board members can do things like bringing in a donated Item or volunteering an hour of time. Not all Board members can come meet with donors. Board members should keep each other accountable, perhaps the Chair monitors the completion of tasks by all members. You want to avoid Staff trying to hold the Board accountable for things.

Board members need clear messaging. They need to understand what the nonprofit they are serving is doing in the short term and long term. A Nonprofit’s board can help with messaging by posting on individual social media and communicating things like e-newsletters.

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