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Nervous About Speaking/Meeting a Donor?, by Uplifting Nonprofits

Nervous About Speaking/Meeting a Donor? is FREE courtesy of Uplifting Nonprofits

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We all get nervous no matter how many times we meet donors. I’m guessing that sometimes you feel a little insecure. No matter how experienced or accomplished you are, it’s next to impossible to completely eradicate feelings of self-doubt. Many people avoid speaking to donors because they are afraid of the response. While you have no control over their response you do have a choice of how you approach your donor.

Of course, the most important thing is to always speak from the heart. Yet sometimes we can say too much or too little or feel we haven’t covered all our points. Building self-confidence is a practice.

I invite you to watch this video of my 3 simple steps will reduce the jitters and keep you focused.

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