Nonprofit Consulting Get Started

Nonprofit Consulting: Get Started, Get Clients, Grow, and Evolve

4 Lessons / $399 / Approved for 4 CFRE Hours

This course brought to you by Linda Lysakowski.

Are you a new fundraising consultant, thinking about becoming one, or have you been consulting for years, but still need to know how to market, promote, and sell your services and how to grow your business? In this four-lesson course you will learn:

· How to structure your business

· How to choose the services you’ll offer and the markets you will serve

· How to market your services

· How to sell yourself and your business to the right clients

Lesson Summary:

· Lesson One: Getting Started—is consulting for you, what kind of company do you want to build or work for?

· Lesson Two: Practical Stuff— legal structures, state registration, your business plan.

· Lesson Three: Marketing Your Business—getting your name out, choosing the right clients, selling yourself to those clients, signing the contract.

· Lesson Four: Growing Your Business—do you want to grow? When to hire staff, contractors, or form collaborations or partnerships.

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