Online Graduate Class in Nonprofit Management

Online Graduate Class in Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit Management: NPM-502, provides students with an understanding of the unique qualities, philosophies, and practices of the U.S. nonprofit mission-driven sector. The course examines the sources and management of resources as well as strategies for their effective use. Nonprofit Management begins with a historical overview of the nonprofit sector and demonstrates its complex structure. The primary goal of this course is to provide a thorough knowledge base, both theoretical and practical, for effective nonprofit management.

This is an online academic, graduate level class.

tesu.eduThomas Edison State University is New Jersey’s public, fully accredited, online university created to meet the needs of adult learners.

Who should take this class? Staff, board members and volunteers of nonprofit organizations, and consultants interested in getting a solid base for their career in the nonprofit sector, and learning about how nonprofit management differs from and is similar to other sectors of the economy.

This class may be taken independently or toward a Masters of Public Service Leadership.

Here’s the syllabus.

For more information, Contact: Ann Prime-Monaghan, Associate Dean of the Watson School of Public Service,, 609-777-4351 x221

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